Kiln Dams

Our NEW Kiln Dam Half-Sets allow you to mix and match sizes, based on the size of your kiln and kiln shelf.

Kiln Dam Half-Sets Contain:
  • Half sets now come in 8 sizes (7", 9", 10", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24")
  • Half sets contain 2 pieces of ultra-smooth ceramic, plus a second set of thicker/heavier firebricks.
  • For a whole set, you should purchase 2 half sets (4 ceramic pieces & bricks).
  • Buying additional half sets gives you more flexibility on your kiln shelf
  • For example, 10", 15", and 21" half-sets work well in an oval kiln

Buy 2 Half-Sets, or buy the components separately (see items below)

  • You can buy the Ultra-Smooth Dams - 2 pieces of smooth ceramic in 8 sizes
  • You can also buy just the thicker/heavier firebricks. 


Using Coachella Glassworks Kiln Dam Half Sets
Choosing the Right Size Kiln Dam Half Sets
Caring for Extruded Kiln Shelves

 Kiln Dam Half-Sets - Benefits & Suggestions:

  • Provides the best outcomes for your multi-layered glass artwork.
  • Great also for thicker frit-based compositions.
  • Minimizes coldwork (FREE Course to Minimize Coldworking) to nearly zero in multi-layered work. You usually only need a few minutes of minor clean-up with a hand pad.
  • For thicker frit-based compositions, use the tip of a spoon to move a bit of frit slightly away from the dams. Create a slightly rounded edge to your frit, to reduce the "spikes" that can occur next to your dams.
  • Dams should generally extend at least 1-2" beyond the edge of the glass. For an 8" x 10" glass project use a 10" half-set and a 12" half set (or two 12" half sets).
  • Note: If your dams are too much longer than the glass, they may extend out so much they no longer fit on your kiln shelf.
  • Dams should be covered with shelf paper (thin-fire or Papyrus), or sprayed with Zyp (or any boron nitride product) to prevent the glass from bonding to the dams during firing.
  • You can also use thicker fiber paper as a release barrier, but the texture in fiber paper will give you a rougher edge.  Use shelf paper against the smooth ceramic for a smoother edge.