Pre-Cut Layered Glass Kits and Accessories

Coachella Glassworks now sells pre-cut, multi-layered glass for your layered glass projects. 

We sell complete projects in a variety of sizes ranging from 4"x6" up to 10"x13.5" (both 7-layer and 9-layer projects are available). 


Individual layers that match the size of our projects are also available, allowing you to create projects with even more depth.

Each pre-cut project comes with a 2-oz jar of crystal clear powder, which can be used for bubble control.  Additional crystal clear powder is also available in an 8.5-oz jar.


Our pre-cut projects are made from Oceanside COE 96 glass.  (Easily and safely used by Bullseye studios, as there is no waste!)  Custom project sizes are available on request - just contact us for a quote.