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Coachella Glassworks is Open and Shipping!
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NEW Creating Dimension Videos (Updated)

Coming Soon!

Following on two successful online workshops, Paul Messink's Creating Dimension Video Series is now being re-recorded.

Coachella Glassworks is excited to announce that Creating Dimension 4-part video series will soon be available, after being completely updated and rerecorded. 




We're happy to announce that Paul's Messink's popular video series, Creating Dimensions Workshops & Videos 4-part Video Series, is returning and is being filmed now! The new series will be more in-depth and comprehensive than the original video series, and will contain a new section on fog! 10+ hours of Content, Extensive Handouts (Sizable EBook), Firing Schedules & Material List

Course 1 Available: February 2021
Course 2 Available: March 2021
Course 3 Available: April 2021
Course 4 Available: May2021

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Learn new skills in painting with enamel, firing multiple layers into thick panels and creating incredible depth and dimension in your work with award-winning artist and international instructor Paul Messink.   Get inspired and fall (further) in love with fused glass with the updated Creating Dimension video series.

Recording has begun for the new series, which will be in four parts due to the expanded content (including a Fog Unit!).  These videos will be available in the first quarter of 2021.  The first video will be available in February, with videos 2, 3, and 4 coming in March, April, and May.

As a video series, you'll be able to work in your own home or studio, at your own pace.  The videos will contain over 10 hours of recorded lectures and detailed demos - all filmed in High Def, and with amazingly detailed handouts that you can use to follow along and print.  The handouts could be considered an E-book all by itself!)

And you'll save money!  The videos provide a cost savings over live and online workshops, and there's no travel, hotel, or meals to pay for.

Purchased videos will be available in streaming mode from almost any type of device (windows or mac computers, tablets, cell phones, etc).  In addition, an option will be available to download your purchased videos - allowing you to watch even when not connected to the Internet.

Tools and materials needed will be published, and you can provide these through your own inventory, purchase them here from Coachella Glassworks, or purchase them from other sources.  While Oceanside glass is recommended, the techniques work with Bullseye Glass as well with minor adjustments.  You may use the enamel brand of your choice.

Join the hundreds of artists who have taken this workshop and continue to provide 5-Star reviews.

The four videos will cover these topics:

  1. Introduction to Enamels
  2. The Multi-Layer Process
  3. Special Topics: Bubble Control and Fog
  4. Advanced Painting Tips, Techniques, and Demos

For anyone who purchased the original video series, a low cost upgrade will give you access to the new videos as well.  If you bought a partial set of the old videos, you'll be able to "upgrade" to the new series and only pay for what you don't yet have.

Complete details of the video series (including cost) will be available in mid-January. 

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