Creating Dimension - Downloadable Videos

Due to many requests, there is now an "add-on" to your Creating Dimension videos, that allows you to download the videos you have purchased onto a single device for viewing without having to be connected to the Internet.

The downloadable video option is a modest $24 add-on to the cost of the original streaming video series, to defray only the costs of hosting and managing the downloadable version. 

At a high level, these are the 5 steps you will need to follow:

  1. Purchase the original 4 streaming video courses at, if you have not already done so. (The downloadable option is an add-on to these streaming videos.)
  2. Contact us at to request a discount code for the downloadable version. We will verify your original purchase and send you a coupon code via email.
  3. Purchase the downloadable video option, using the coupon code you can find in your email.  
  4. Download the free FluxPlayer app and install it on your device (desktop, laptop or tablet).
  5. While still connected to the internet, use the FluxPlayer app to download the video(s) you want on your device.

You can scroll down to read the complete instructions for all 5 steps.

Once downloaded using the Flux Player, your videos will play on your device.  You will not need an internet connection in order to play them.

For handouts, firing schedules and other PDF files, please return to your account on


Please Note:

  • If you are uncomfortable working with computers, you may want to enlist some assistance from a spouse, nephew or niece, grandson/daughter, or a friend who can help you with some of the technical aspects.  The process is not overly complicated, but it has several steps so it is not simple either.  Once the player is installed and the videos are downloaded, it is fairly simple to play them, using the FluxPlayer app.
  • It is best to use a Windows 10 or 11 computer or a  Mac computer, running fairly recent updates.  You may have some issues on older computers not running current software.
  • You can also use an iPad or Android tablet (again, using fairly recent software updates).  Please make sure you have sufficient disk space for the videos.  You may need up to 40GB of free space for the entire set of videos.  However, it is possible to download just a subset.  You could download one course at a time, then delete those videos before moving on to the next course.  Or, you could download just selected lectures and demos, and watch the other videos when connected to the Internet.
  • A cell phone's screen is too small to be useful for these videos so I do not recommend that option.
  • Remember that you must select a single device for downloading the videos onto.  Once downloaded, they are locked into that device and cannot be downloaded on another.  (If you upgrade your computer or the hard drive fails, contact me for information on transferring your license to a new computer.)

What follows below is a more detailed set of instructions for each of the steps above.


Step 1 – Purchase the Streaming Video Series

You must first purchase the full 4-course streaming video series on  (Don't forget the "Edu"!)  This gives you access not only to the streaming version, but to all the handouts and PDF files as well.

When signing up for this account for the streaming videos, you will use your email address and a password.  Make a note of this email and password… it will make it easier for you if you use the same email and password for the downloadable versions as well.

If you have so far only purchased some of the courses in the series, make sure you purchase the remaining courses so your series is complete.

Instructions (if you have already purchased the streaming videos, skip this step and continue on to Step 2):

  1. Go to (Don't forget the "Edu"!) 
  2. Click on Courses Available, then click on the option for the 4-course bundle (Courses 1-2-3-4).
  3. Scroll down, and click on the BUY button.
  4. Enter your email address in the Contact section
  5. Enter your payment information, then click Buy Now.


You should now be able to go to and play any of the videos, while connected to the internet.  You also have access to all of the additional files (handouts, firing schedules, project PDF files, etc).  These additional files can all be downloaded and printed from



Step 2 – Get a Coupon Code

Send an email to us at, include your name and email address that you used above, and mention why you need the downloadable version.

We will confirm your purchase, and send you a reply by email (normally within 48 hours) with your coupon code for the downloadable version.



Step 3 – Purchase the Downloadable Video Add-On

With your reply email in hand, please follow these steps to purchase the downloadable add-on.  I recommend you purchase the downloadable option from the device you want to play the downloadable versions on.

  1. Follow this link to purchase the downloadable version - the page should open in a separate tab in your browser so you can return to this instruction page. This link will take you to the product page for the 4-course series downloadable option.
  2. Click Add to Cart. Note that initially, the price shown will be $323.
  3. Click Checkout
  4. On the left side, enter the same email address used above, and enter your billing information.
  5. On the right side, enter the Coupon Code from your email, then click Apply. The price will be reduced by $299, from $323 to $24, which is the price for the add-on.
  6. Scroll down and click Continue to Payment.
  7. Enter your payment information, then click Pay Now.

Your order confirmation page will then be displayed.  You’ll find a red Show Digital Content button there.  Click this button to see the videos.

Note that while you can see the list of videos here, these are not the downloadable versions

To get to the downloadable versions, follow Steps 4 and 5 below.


Step 4 –Download and Install the Flux Player

From the Digital Content Page above, scroll down below the list of videos, to find the section on the page that addresses downloading the Flux Player.

  1. Your email address will be listed in this section, as well as an auto-generated password. Please make a note of this password.
  2. If you are using a Windows 10 or 11 machine, or a Mac computer, you will download and install the Flux Player. 
    1. From the computer you want to download onto, click the blue Get Player App (If you purchased the software from a different computer, switch to your download device now, and go to to find this button.)
    2. Follow the instructions to install this app.
  3. If you are using an iPad or similar Android tablet you should download the Flux Player from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
    1. For an iPad, go to the Apple App Store, and search for Flux Player.
    2. Click on GET to download and install the app
    • For Android Tablets, use the same process but you will first go to the Google Play Store to find the app.

After installation, and while still connected to the internet, start the Flux Player.  When it opens, it will prompt you to login. 

  • Login with the email address you used to purchase the downloadable add-on with, and use the temporary auto-generated password that was on the page in (this is the password you made a note of above). You should also be able to find this password in one of your confirmation emails. 
  • You may be prompted to change your password at this point, to something you will remember.
  • Once you login, it may take a minute or two to update your computer with your course purchases.  Proceed next to Step 5.


Step 5 –Download the Video files

You need to remain connected to the internet for the first download of the videos to your device.

  1. Once logged in - and still while connected to Wifi - you should see the complete list of videos that you have purchased. Start with Chapter 1 - click the name of the video, then click the Download. In a few minutes (depending on your internet speed), the download should be complete.
  2. Select every additional video that you want to download, and download these in the same way. Note:  you do not need to download every video - just the ones you want on your laptop.
  3. Once downloaded, you'll notice that each video that you've downloaded shows a PLAY button instead of a DOWNLOAD button.
  4. From this point onward, you do not need to be connected to Wifi (or to the internet in any way). You can now safely move your laptop or tablet and watch it in your basement, in a remote studio, on a plane in Airplane Mode, etc.  When you open FluxPlayer and are not connected to the Internet, you may receive a message "Cannot Update Cloud Content".  Just click Dismiss to get rid of that message, and enjoy the videos!
  5. You will not find a copy of any of the downloadable PDFs (firing schedules, handouts, project files, etc). with the downloadable videos. These remain on the site.  Please login there to access and print those files.



Remember that you can download and play your videos on one device only.  If you replace your device, contact us at for information on removing the videos from your device, and switching them to a new device.