SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders received after May 31 will be shipped on June 14.
SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders received after May 31 will be shipped on June 14.
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22" Gallery Stand
22" Gallery Stand
Coachella Glassworks

22" Gallery Stand

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This is a great stand for your largest projects. 
  • The stand holds a panel that is 22" wide (the stand is 22", so make your project 1/16" less, or 22-15/16"). 
  • It will hold a 9-layer fused glass panel, or a 7-8 layer panel with spacers behind (see below).  It can also hold panels of wood, ceramic, and other materials!  It will hold artwork up to 1.125", or 28mm thick.
  • The height of the piece is up to you - the panel should be a minimum of 5" high, and can safely be up to 20" high.

Additional specifications for this stand:
  • Base plate dimensions: 22" x 9"
  • Lower support post height: 3"
  • Height of upper support arms: 4.5"

  • If you are ordering multiple stands inside North America, I can usually combine multiple stands per box, depending on the sizes and quantities.  This stand normally ships UPS. 
  • This stand normally ships only to the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Contact us at for shipping information to other countries.
  • If your artwork is 7 or 8 layers, you can slip 1 or 2 layers of clear glass behind your piece so the stand holds the work securely.  The spacer should be 21-16/16" wide and 5" tall. 

The photos and video you see here are for the 10" stand.  The 22" stand is identical, but larger.

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