SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders received after May 31 will be shipped on June 14.
SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders received after May 31 will be shipped on June 14.
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8" Gallery Stand
8" Gallery Stand
Coachella Glassworks

8" Gallery Stand

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This is a great stand for smaller-sized projects. 
  • The stand holds a panel that is 8" wide (the stand is a bit over 8", so make your project exactly to 8"). 
  • It will hold a 7-layer fused glass panel, or a 5 or 6-layer panel with spacers behind (see below).  It can also hold panels of wood, ceramic, and other materials!  It will hold artwork up to 0.875", or 22mm thick.
  • The height of the piece is up to you - the panel should be a minimum of 4" high, and can safely be up to 12" high.

    Additional specifications for this stand:
    • Base plate dimensions: 8" x 3.75"
    • Lower support post height: 2.5"
    • Height of upper support arms: 3.75"

      • If you are ordering multiple stands inside North America, I can usually combine multiple stands per box, depending on the sizes and quantities.  Where possible in the US I'll ship USPS flat rate, but for larger stands, for higher quantities, or for International orders, I ship UPS. 
      • For the UK and EU, shipping charges include VAT, duty, and administrative fees.  Shipping will occur from a hub located in the UK, and you will pay no additional amounts beyond the shipping charges listed.  Contact us at for information on EU shipping from the UK, or for other countries world-wide.
      • If your artwork is 5 or 6 layers, you can slip 1 or 2 layers of clear glass behind your piece so the stand holds the work securely.  The spacer should be 8" wide and 4" tall. 

      The photos and video you see here are for the 10" stand.  The 8" stand is identical, just smaller.

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