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FuseMaster EZ Fire Starter Kit B

FuseMaster EZ Fire Starter Kit B

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Starter Kit B contains 8 enamel colors - 2 oz of Opaque White plus 1 oz of 7 other colors, for a total of 9 oz of enamel.


Kits A and B together give you an excellent set of colors that you can both mix together and lighten, giving you thousands of color variations that you can create.  When Starter Kit B is purchased with (or after) Starter Kit A, you'll have the complete palette recommended in the complete Creating Dimension Video Series, and will give you a wide variety of color choices.  

Kit B Contents:

  • #308 - Opaque White - 2 oz
  • #312 - Chrome Green - 1 oz
  • #314 - Turquoise- 1 oz
  • #318 - Grey  - 1 oz
  • #321 - Real Teal- 1 oz
  • #327 - Ultra Violet- 1 oz
  • #328 - Citrus- 1 oz
  • #350 - Clear (used for mixing) - 1 oz

See also:  Starter Kit A, which includes an initial 8 colors, plus medium.  

Note: Starter Kit B contains additional Opaque White beyond what is in Starter Kit A, since Opaque White is the color many artists use to lighten the other colors.  (Kit A contains 2 oz of Opaque White, and Kit B contains an additional 2 oz.)

Pricing for this starter kit bundle is 15% less than list price for the individual items!

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