Kit 2 - Premixed Rogue Enamels

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This kit includes jars of premixed Rogue enamel, in 12 different colors.

For the workshop, Rogue enamel is included in this kit.  Rogue enamel is recommended because of the superior performance of the colors during long full fuse schedules.  Bright colors (red, orange, and yellow) will not burnout.

Note that Rogue enamel kits can only be sold to students who have previously registered for a Creating Dimension online workshop.

This kit contains the following colors:

  1. Zirconium White
  2. Aurora Red
  3. Mandarin Orange
  4. Sun Yellow
  5. Brilliant Green
  6. Peacock Green
  7. Cobalt Blue
  8. Golden Brown
  9. Vivid Turquoise
  10. Jet Black
  11. Paul’s Grey (a custom mix of Jet Black and Zirconium White)
  12. Clear Mixing

Each jar is made using ½ oz of powder plus the appropriate amount of medium for each color, except in the case of Zirconium White, where you will receive 2 oz of powder mixed with medium.

The kit also includes 2 oz of additional medium and a handy squeeze bottle, for those specific situations where you need to add additional medium to achieve a thinner consistency.