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SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders received after May 31 will be shipped on June 14.
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Tools - Bundled Kit
Coachella Glassworks

Tools - Bundled Kit

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This kit includes 18 different hand tools that will be used during the workshop, and which you will want to use afterward for future projects.

The took kit contains the following:

  • Five paintbrushes, in specific sizes and styles. These are the brushes Paul uses in his own work and have been selected specifically for their ability to render the kinds of detailed strokes and effects that are useful in landscapes. They include 3 liners of various sizes, an angled shader, and a fan brush.  Some of these will be modified during the workshop to enable your best success.
  • Two palette knives, in specific shapes and sizes which work best for applying enamel to glass and for mixing enamel
  • A digital scale, which reads enamel weights down to .1 gram.
  • A stainless steel bent tip tweezers
  • A stainless steel needle tool
  • A double-headed rubber wipe-out tool
  • Two styles of craft knives (retractable and craft style)
  • An ultra-fine tip black Sharpie
  • Two plastic tubes, used to make Powder Shakers - essential for controlling powder application for Bubble Control 
  • One package of 7 sponge pouncers, in assorted sizes.  While these are technically a consumable item and not a tool that lasts forever, they are so important that I've included one set in every tool kit to get you started.  They are washable (seeral times each if you are gentle) and eventually wear out but this is a good set to get started with. 
  • One Elmer's Glue Stick

This kit is priced attractively for the entire set of tools.  The tools are also available to purchase individually if you already own some of them but need to complete your set.

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