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Kiln Dams
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Kiln Dams

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This kit includes one set of double-layered dams, which includes 4 pieces of smooth ceramic, plus 4 pieces of larger, heavier firebrick.

This double-layered dam system provides the best outcomes for your multi-layered glass artwork.  It minimizes coldwork to nearly zero - in most cases your final piece will need only a few minutes of minor clean up with a hand pad.

Because kiln sizes vary, you can purchase these dams in three sizes based on the size of the kiln shelf that will fit - they are all the same price.

  • If your kiln can handle a 16x18" (40x45cm) or larger shelf, order the Large dam kit.
  • If your kiln shelf is smaller than 16x18", but is at least 14"x16" (35x40cm), order the Medium dam kit.
  • If your shelf is smaller than 14x16" but is at least 10x12" (25x30cm), order the Small dam kit.


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