Kit 4 - Kiln Dams

Kit 4 - Kiln Dams

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This kit includes one set of double-layered dams, which includes 4 pieces of smooth ceramic, plus 4 pieces of larger, heavier firebrick.

This double-layered dam system provides the best outcomes for your multi-layered glass artwork.  It minimizes coldwork to nearly zero - in most cases your final piece will need only a few minutes of minor clean up with a hand pad.

Because kiln sizes vary, you can purchase these dams in three sizes based on the size of the kiln shelf that will fit - they are all the same price.

  • If your kiln can handle a 16x18" (40x45cm) or larger shelf, order the Large dam kit.
  • If your kiln shelf is smaller than 16x18", but is at least 14"x16" (35x40cm), order the Medium dam kit.
  • If your shelf is smaller than 14x16" but is at least 10x12" (25x30cm), order the Small dam kit.
  • If your shelf is smaller than 10x12", a somewhat more expensive "Mini" alternative is available using a single-layered set of dams.  Your projects will be limited in size to 6" x 6", but will fit in an 8" x 8" kiln.

Regardless of whether you are ordering the Dam Kit or not, please make sure you fill out the Kiln (and Enamel) Questionnaires that are set up for you in the Course Dashboard on the Glass eMotions website.  (The welcome email that you received after registration should have a log in button to get you to that site.)

More details on Materials Kits

Kits for the September 19th workshop will begin shipping on or around August 24.  Kits for the October 24th workshop will begin shipping on or around September 21.