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Pre-Cut Layered Glass Kits
Coachella Glassworks

Pre-Cut Layered Glass Kits

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Coachella Glassworks now sells pre-cut glass kits for multi-layered projects.  These are a great convenience for getting started quickly, or if you don't live close to a glass store and want to avoid shipping larger sheets.

Pre-cut projects are created using Oceanside COE 96 glass.

7-layer pre-cut projects contain:

  • 1 full-sized layer of white glass (COE 96) - your background layer
  • 5 full-sized layers of crystal clear glass (COE 96)
  • 1 "small cap" layer of crystal clear glass (COE 96) - cut 1/4" smaller in both directions
  • 1 2-oz jar of clear crystal clear powder (COE 96)

9-layer pre-cut projects contain two extra full-sized layers of crystal clear glass.

Layers are cut carefully and precisely, but at times may be within 1/16" smaller than the stated size.  These slight variations will not affect your dammed project if you are following Paul Messink's Creating Dimension process.

Pre-cut glass kits come in 7 different sizes ranging from 4"x6" to 10"x13.5", and you can select either 7- or 9-layer kits.  And all kits other than the smallest 4"x6" side fit into either an 8" or 10" gallery stand.  If you need a custom size for a glass kit, please contact us.  

Pre-cut Glass Kits are a great choice if your studio uses only Bullseye glass, but you like the smooth surface of Oceanside glass when painting.  With a pre-cut kit, there’s no scrap or waste, so no danger of mixing incompatible glass!


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Designed to fit into our Display Stands

Most of our Pre-cut Layered Glass Projects play well with our high-quality gallery and wrap-around display stands (click here for more details).

  • 7-layer, 8" wide projects (6x8, 8x8, and 10x8) will fit into our 8" gallery stand.
  • 9-layer, 10" wide projects (8x10, 10x10, 12x10, 13.5x10) will fit into our 10" gallery stand.
  • 9-layer, 13.5" wide projects (10x13.5) will fit into our 13.5" gallery stand.
  • 14-layer 10" wide projects will fit into our 10" wrap-around stand.
  • 14-layer 13.5" wide projects will fit into our 13.5" wrap-around stand.


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