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SHIPPING NOTICE: Orders received after May 31 will be shipped on June 14.
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Ultra Smooth Dams (Sets of 2)
Ultra Smooth Dams (Sets of 2)
Coachella Glassworks

Ultra Smooth Dams (Sets of 2)

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A set of very smooth dams is essential for minimizing cold work when firing thick glass.  

Our ultra-smooth dams are cut from polished ceramic - and will provide an excellent "edge" on your work.  (Check out my free video here for a complete set of tips for minimizing coldwork.)  These are the same smooth ceramic dams sold as part of our dam half-sets, but without the 2nd layer of rough brick included.

Ultra-smooth dams sit 1.25" tall and come in 8 different lengths (from 7" to 24") to accommodate the best fit for your project - and the size of your kiln shelf.  They are thin - just 1/4" deep - and so are easy and economical to ship.  For thick glass, they need a 2nd layer of larger, heavier rough firebrick dams for weight control and heat insulation.  (If you are in need of both types of dams, order our kiln dam half sets in the same 8 sizes.)

Ultra-smooth dams are sold in pairs, so buy two sets for a complete project, to surround a square or rectangular project.

Ultra Smooth Dams - Benefits & Suggestions:
  • Provides the best outcomes for your multi-layered glass artwork.
  • Great also for thicker frit-based compositions.
  • Minimizes coldwork (FREE Course to Minimize Coldworking) to nearly zero in multi-layered work. You usually only need a few minutes of minor clean-up with a hand pad.
  • For thicker frit-based compositions, use the tip of a spoon to move a bit of frit slightly away from the dams. Create a slightly rounded edge to your frit, to reduce the "spikes" that can occur next to your dams.
  • Dams should generally extend at least 1-2" beyond the edge of the glass. For an 8" x 10" glass project use one 10" pair and one 12" pair of ultra-smooth dams (for a total of four dams).  These dams are sold in pairs.
    • Note: If your dams are too much longer than the glass, they may extend out so much they no longer fit on your kiln shelf.
  • You'll need a 2nd set of heavier firebrick for weight control and heat insulation.  Check this link for complete information about Using Coachella Glassworks Ultra-smooth Dams Kiln Dam Half Sets.  Check out our half-sets here - half sets include two pieces of ultra-smooth dams, and two pieces of heavier firebrick for the 2nd layer.
  • Ultra-smooth dams should be covered with shelf paper (thin-fire or Papyrus), or sprayed with Zyp (or any boron nitride product) to prevent the glass from bonding to the dams during firing.
  • You can also use thicker fiber paper as a release barrier, but the texture in fiber paper will give you a rougher edge.  Use shelf paper against ultra-smooth dams for a smoother edge.


Note:  Ultra-Smooth Dams are cut from larger pieces of smooth ceramic tiles, which are always a bit smaller than the "nominal size" of 12x24.  Therefore, the 12" dams are only 11 3/4" long, and the 24" dams are only 23 3/4" long.  All other sizes are as described.

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